A Word In Your Ear - September 26, 2013

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Like you, no doubt, we have been making the most of this late summer. Autumn has compensations, but what a difference sunshine brings to people and places!

Fortunately, I’d not discarded suncream or shorts with that first chill of autumn. From Edmonds Towers, Great Marton, we still take excursions to Lytham for tennis, followed by drinks on a club terrace.

That sounds elitist but isn’t, honest. One encounters all types on (as well as in) courts!

We always enjoyed journeying north, too, along our coast. In the past we’ve cycled from Bispham’s cliffs, through Cleveleys’ stylish promenade to friendly Fleetwood, admiring Lakeland views. (But what’s happened to Blackpool’s hire-a-bike scheme?)

However, neighbouring districts have changed their image over years. Just a decade or so ago, Lytham was a quiet backwater few visited.

When younger I lived close to the seafront in sedate St Annes. The nearest pub with any life was miles away. Neighbouring, well-to-do homes had concrete gardens and everything went dead from teatime.

Now that southern stretch of the Fylde is the ‘in’ place to live.

At vibrant Lytham, wine and tapas bars draw evening revellers, while ‘ladies lunch’ - and dine - in fashionable style. However, we’ve found such trendy bustle is only on the surface.

Our own outings often include lovely Lowther Gardens. The view inland stretches across mature-wooded sports fields towards Lytham Hall while, seaward, there are The Green and Ribble Estuary.

There is little change here to disturb a historic charm, only that water muse and stone figure marking a past tradition - Lytham’s Shrimper. We often end our stroll in the rose gardens, where odd signs in its flowerbeds read: ‘You are respectfully requested not to scatter ashes’.

Like the flocks of geese now flying south, they are a reminder we should make the most of this Indian summer - and life - whenever and wherever we’re able.

I hope you all will too!

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