A Word In Your Ear - October 23, 2014

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“We’ll have to get badges made!” She Who Knows declared, returning to Edmonds Towers from her hairdresser’s.

“That’s the second time they’ve gone on about it – and we’re only in October!” she complained.

I frowned. Having her hair done usually gave her a boost. “Christmas,” she explained, “I ask you!”

I know what she meant. The pub on the corner, in Great Marton, advertised Christmas parties in August.

Luscious Lou, its cheeky barmaid, kept a board displaying how many days were left to the seasonal festivities.

Except it isn’t the season, is it?

“I’ve already seen two Christmas trees,” I told She Who Knows.

“They were on display weeks ago, at the hotel where I swim.”

It’s enough to make you see flashing fairy-lights before your eyes, or hear jingle bells.

Besides, in our family we have a couple of winter birthdays before December 25 – so that date’s still further from mind.

Do you remember when Christmas was only discussed in late December?

Parents started looking for presents a week or two before, not saving up for months.

Back then a few stocking fillers and big brother’s old bike, or train set, was as far as a boy’s dreams went, not electronic games worth a week’s wage.

On the special day itself we had a family feast – of chicken, then cold leftovers with chips next day. Great it was, too!

I’m not saying ‘bah, humbug’. I love Christmas. It’s a time of goodwill, food and convivial drinks – which I’m all for.

But don’t let’s worry about it months before.

“I reckon my badges would sell like hot cakes,” said She Who Knows.

“Or warm mince pies,” I ventured, “and what, exactly, would these badges say?”

“What about: ‘Before 
you ask, NO – I’m not ready for Christmas!’” she 

I reckon they would sell, too . . .

Or make a stocking filler.

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