A Word In Your Ear - October 17, 2013

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Autumn is a grand time for settling down with old friends in a cosy atmosphere.

A rare Monday evening out recently saw me relaxing with the Honourable Order of Bass Drinkers.

There was a respectable crowd of locals who enjoy savouring that king of beers, Draught Bass, as well as an intrepid crew from Manchester.

Their range of age and wit was impressive.

This stout body of men was a fine advert for what they’ve been drinking for almost half a century.

I was persuaded of the famous Burton ale’s efficacy when a top consultant confirmed it as excellent medicine for the bowels.

Usually, when in Blackpool, the Order visits our oldest inn – The Saddle at Great Marton.

“We’ll return if they get a door screwed back on the room we use, for privacy and to keep out racket from the bar,” explained one veteran.

On this occasion the cricket club president’s suite accommodated us, with a handsome hotpot and Bass worthy of its Camra award.

The H.O.B.D. welcomes newcomers and helped
inspire an historic novel
I’m setting in Blackpool entitled ‘50 Shades of Bass’.

As for the Saddle, I have it from the horse’s mouth that coal fires will be returning for winter months.

An old pal who would 
appreciate such comforts, is back in Blackpool tonight.

The Gazette’s former Blackpool Borough correspondent (and occasional player), Dave Hadfield, will be ‘Talking Rugby League’ at Central Library from 7pm.

He rose to dizzying heights covering sport on The Independent, as well
 appearing on Sky TV as a pundit and with his own show.

Dave’s also got many books to his name.

I put it all down to the academic atmosphere of a house we once shared in Leeds Road – along, of course, with Draught Bass at The Saddle.

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