A Word In Your Ear - November 21, 2013

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It was a family outing as we celebrated my mother-in-law Wynne’s birthday.

It was also a reminder Blackpool is better at partying – whatever the style – than anywhere else.

(I was going to say ‘better than any similar town’ – but there isn’t one!)

Just days after Strictly Come Dancing came north in tribute to the Tower Ballroom, our family group was just down the Promenade. We were dining and dancing to live music in a modern but equally glittering venue.

Wynne, herself, is rather like the unique resort she defends and upholds so loyally.

Over years she has enjoyed the grandest settings, famous visitors and historic happenings; seen most touring shows and plays; greeted those who may count most, but entertained the others too.

Through all kind of weathers, she has thoroughly enjoyed life.

Like Blackpool, she has a great energy for change and new ideas – but with a wise head and long memory about what will and won’t work.

Neither is Wynne alone here in this passion and appetite for life.

Fortunately, there are many others – predominantly, it must be said, ladies of a mature age – who help preserve what’s best, while also welcoming fresh ideas.

They’re to be found in charity activities like our Civic Trust, Friends of The Grand or Friends of Stanley Park.

It’s a pity they’re not running town halls and business organisations too.

Like Blackpool’s landmarks, behind their classic facade lies a wealth of experience, style – and fun!

In Wynne’s case, she has worked the corridors of power, journeyed the world and been immersed in arts and entertainment. She also, thankfully, found time to raise a family.

Yet, when met, she seems more interested in you. That’s Blackpool charm for you!

Best wishes – with love, gratitude and, last but not least, respect.

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