A Word In Your Ear - June 26, 2014

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Last week a light went out of our lives – the little, red one on our telly.

We’d only had the TV a few years but, without warning, it expired. After the usual first aid – batteries in the remote, plug fuses, search for loose cables –I called a paramedic, sorry, 
repair man.

He checked it over, shook his head, then whisked it away – leaving an empty space in our home.

“Suffered a massive electrical haemorrhage,” he concluded.

Thankfully, it was sunny outside but we had to change our lives.

There now seemed so much more time to do ‘things’ about the house; or just to talk, sit quietly, read, play music, stay out later, or garden till dusk.

It was like returning to the 1950s, when summer days stretched lazily and families spent time together, busy with domestic matters in each others’ company.

There is a life without television. Perhaps, like giving up something for Lent, we should have an annual break from the box to refresh our outlooks.

However, at Edmonds Towers we’re also tennis fans and it is Wimbledon fortnight.

I was dreading trailing round superstores looking at curved home entertainment centres or smart TVs. But I needn’t have worried.

“I’ve been online and picked one,” She Who Knows told me brightly. “There’s lots of deals just now, because of this football thing. In fact, we might as well get another for the bedroom.”

We did – getting two for the price of our old one, with delivery next day.

They’re not huge screens, nor top specification, probably wouldn’t interest a burglar. But, once switched on, they’re much better than the old.

So, it’s goodbye again to those black-and-white 50s. We’re back in 2014 with lots of choices on the red button and more ‘add-ons’ than we need.

Game, set and match to progress.

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