Ollie explains touchline strip tease

IAN Holloway has explained that he embarked on the touchline strip which led to his sending off because he was angry at being treated differently from rival boss Roy Keane.

Holloway was sent to the stands after watching two of his players – Ian Evatt and Rob Edwards – get red carded in Saturday's FA Cup third round defeat to Ipswich.

It left Pool with nine men – and when Ipswich scored from the free-kick after Edwards dismissal, Holloway's anger boiled over.

He removed his coat, scarf and gloves and threw them onto the pitch before exchanging words with the fourth official.

Moments later he was sent to the stands by referee Eddie Ilderton and could now face further punishment from the FA.

Holloway waited 45 minutes after the match ended to talk to the ref.

But he was still incensed when he later spoke to the press.

"There were one or two things I wanted to query with the referee, mainly about what happened with myself," he said.

"Certain things are said in an environment on the bench. Roy wasn't happy with the penalty in the first half and I wasn't happy with the second red card in particular – and I get sent off and he didn't.

"That really incensed me to say the least.

"There is a little bit of banter sometimes from me. People talk about referees and respect. I did take my coat, my scarf and my hat off but I just thought their right back looked a bit chilly. He threw them back at me so that was done and dusted!

"It was a gesture to say 'what else can we do?' because I felt the second sending off in particular was wrong.

"The first one I felt was unbelievably harsh because Ian Evatt played the ball. But because he gave that as a red he had to do the second one as a red as well.

"But Rob didn't touch him. He tripped his heels together as Jon Walters went across him.

"So all of a sudden we've gone down to nine men and I am obviously going to be a little bit upset.

"If I can't talk in the same manner as Roy Keane did to the fourth official then I don't think I am being properly treated in my home ground.

"But never mind, maybe I am a spoilt little brat like I used to be.

"Maybe some of my behaviour this season has meant nothing. I've had letters from other assessors saying I've been immaculately behaved and they've wondering what has happened to me while I didn't have a job.

"I've gone and let myself down on the day but I don't think my team did."

Holloway added: "Referees can only see it how they see it and they will be dealt with by the people above them.

"In other words we can give them a mark and I can't imagine he'll get a very good one from me.

"His assessor will assess how he did and he will be either moved up or down on his performances.

"But I expect to be treated with the same courtesy and respect as the fella on the other bench. I wasn't and that's what I am really upset about it to be perfectly blunt."

Holloway confirmed his dismissal was for the language he used in the technical area.

"The fourth official deemed me to be unacceptably overly-aggressive towards him and how I spoke to him, in a foul and abusive way. That is not a nice thing to hear," said the Seasiders boss.

"He wrote down what he thought I said and isn't it funny that it wasn't actually what I said at all. I don't consider what I said, even now, to be abusive at all. I thought it was factual."

It is Holloway's first offence of the season but the FA has the power to fine him or hit him with a touchline ban, if it decides.

"Who knows if there'll be further repercussions," added Holloway.

"The only thing I can do is talk to the assessor afterwards because we give marks for referees.

"We don't give marks for linesman or fourth officials. Maybe we should.

"Maybe they should all be accountable, just like every one of us. After all I'm accountable for the job I do.

"Unfortunately I didn't lead my team very well on the day because I was up in the stand and that hurts, because I promised my good wife Kim it would never be the case.

"But little did I know that the new year starts 2010 and blow me down I'm in the blooming stand again."