Fake WhatsApp messages from Sainsbury’s and Topshop

A warning has been issued by ActionFraud over fake Sainsbury’s and Topshop voucher deals which are reaching WhatsApp users.

When the fireworks start, use science to support your dog

How dogs are really affected by fireworks – and what you can do to help

Whether it’s Bonfire Night, Thanksgiving, or just an everyday celebration, every winter, as soon as the clocks go back, the fireworks begin.
Cute or scary?!

16 dogs with a Hallowe'en costume better than yours

Man’s best friend may have a rough time of it on November 5th, so why not at least give your pooch a fun Hallowe’en?

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The Northern Nights could be visible for the next few days

Increased chance of Northern Lights sightings

The chances of spotting the Aurora Borealis should increase over the next few days, according to space weather experts.

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Ivy, the German Shepherd who was found with such a severe skin condition she had virtually no fur left. Credit: RSPCA/SWNS

RSPCA issues warning over winter dog abuse

Britain’s biggest animal charity are dealing with a spike in cruelty cases - including a German Shepherd without any fur.

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Patchwork P�t�, Chase British Free Range Chicken Liver with Extra Dry Gin

Fears over killer food poisoning bug prompt pate recall

Patchwork Pate has recalled 15 varieties of its pate over fears it could contain the toxin responsible for potentially fatal botulism food poisoning.

Pic credit: Matthew Corley /

Pokemon Go announce Hallowe’en-themed update for this week

The developers of Pokemon GO are getting into the spirit of the season by announcing a series of Hallowe’en-themed special features.

Massive and sustained hacking attack triggers webcam recall

‘Massive and sustained’ hacking attack triggers webcam recall

A Chinese surveillance electronics firm has announced it will recall webcams and other products after hackers exploited security vulnerabilities in Internet of Things devices, causing widespread outages across popular websites last week.

Operator stars Kate Dickie (pictured) and the voice of Vicky McClure

10 incredible short films you can watch online for free

It’s common knowledge in the movie industry that short films don’t make money.

The H�vding airbag

VIDEO - Check out the world’s first airbag for cyclists

A Swedish firm has designed the world’s first airbag for cyclists.

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Fishers Field off Highfield Road

Residents told covenant is just ‘folklore’

Residents keen to see a covenant that protects a popular Blackpool playing field have been told that it is nothing more than ‘folklore’.

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In the firing line: Mukai, Oliver and Paul face Lord Sugar in the Boardroom

The Apprentice candidates – reviewed by a recruitment expert

Career coach and author Corinne Mills watched last night’s episode of The Apprentice to review each candidate. How would they fare in the real world?

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New advice could reduce cot death risk by 50 per cent

New advice could reduce cot death risk by 50 per cent

Babies should sleep in the same rooms as their parents for the first year of their lives - but never in the same bed - as it reduces cot death by 50 per cent.

Eating and not paying for supermarket fruit is among the micro-crimes committed by three in four of Brits

11 ‘micro-crimes’ you’ve probably committed

Three-quarters of Brits are what is described as ‘micro-criminals’ - committing tiny crimes in shops and online to get a better deal.

Lunchtime workouts could be most effective

Lunchtime workouts could be most effective

We might get up at the crack of dawn for a jog to get in shape but we would get more benefit working up a sweat at lunchtime, a new study suggests.

Britons spend eight years of their lives on housework

Britons spend eight years of their lives on housework

Brits will spend nearly eight years of their lives doing household chores, a study has found.

Nintendo Switch games console

Nintendo pins hopes of a return to greatness on new Switch console

Nintendo has revealed details of its forthcoming Nintendo Switch games console, as the company eyes a return to its former greatness.

Time to change the clock.

When do the clocks go back?

It's almost that time - don't get caught out.
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Top prices paid for legendary band’s singles

A renewed wave of interest in Blackpool 60s legends the Rockin’ Vickers has seen their singles selling for three figure sums on eBay.

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