Hunt for D Day veterans to revisit Normandy

A search has been launched with the intention of contacting every surviving D Day veteran.

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Could this be your big moment on your big day?

Brides-to-be wanted for TV stardom

Crackit Productions are making a brand-new show called “Bring on the Bride” about wedding planning for Channel 5*
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Russell Highsmith has 2,399 episodes of The Bill and needs just one more

Fan of ‘The Bill’ needs one DVD to complete collection of more than 2,400 episodes

A telly addict who has more than 2,400 episodes of The Bill has appealed for help to find one DVD to complete his collection.

Dale Winton and David Dickinsons tans may explain their popularity with the ladies

TOWIE tans really do make men more attractive to women, suggests new research

A TOWIE-style fake tan really does make men much more attractive, according to scientific research.

Morrisons recall meat product after listeria is found in packs

Morrisons recall meat product after listeria is found in packs

Supermarket Morrisons has recalled one of its meat products over concerns it may cause flu-like symptoms.

Are you getting enough sun?

Sunshine ‘boosts muscle strength in the elderly’

A dose of sunshine could boost the strength of muscles in the elderly and the obese, a new study found.

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Mugshot: face recognition is on its way

5 reasons facial recognition on the iPhone 8 would be a terrible idea

Rumours surfaced last week that the iPhone 8 will come with facial recognition software, with some analysts predicting the firm will forgo Touch ID in favour of unlocking phones via facial recognition.

"We prepare children for life in modern Britain and a world that is increasingly connected"

Why Muslim parents are sending children to Church of England schools

Muslim parents are choosing Church of England schools for their children because they believe they prepare youngsters for "life in modern Britain", it has been suggested.

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UKIP leader Paul Nuttall

Two senior UKIP officials quit over party's 'insensitivity' about Hillsborough

Two senior Ukip officials in Liverpool have quit over the party's "crass insensitivity" over the Hillsborough tragedy.
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Screen grabbed image taken from the Twitter feed of Ringo Starr of the former Beatles drummer with Sir Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr come together for studio session

The last two living ex-Beatles have teamed up for the first time in seven years.

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We all love bills, right!

Adults pay bills of £1.2M over lifetime

Brits will part with almost £1.2MILLION on household bills in their lifetime, according to a new study.
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Everything you need to know about this highly infectious bug

Shigellosis: Everything you need to know about this highly infectious bug

This highly infectious vomiting bug is sweeping schools across the UK, leading to a warning to parents to know the symptoms.

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(left to right) Jon Bentley, Craig Charles, Georgie Barrat and Ortis Deley

Red Dwarf star Craig Charles named The Gadget Show's new host

Red Dwarf star Craig Charles has been announced as the new host of consumer technology programme The Gadget Show.

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Dating with a dog is better than courting with a cat

Dating a cat owner is a turn-off?

Dog owners are three times as attractive as can owners, according to a new survey.
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Cuts killed 30,000 Britons in 2015

Cuts killed 30,000 Britons in 2015

Cuts to health and social care budgets are to blame for 30,000 extra deaths in England and Wales during 2015, a new study claimed.

Morning sickness can be worse if you're expecting a girl

Suffering from severe morning sickness? You could be having a girl!

The Duchess of Cambridge suffered it with both her babies... but severe morning sickness really is more likely to predict a daughter, according to new research.

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The new tipple is available at Asda from this week. Picture: Asda.

Prosecco prayers answered with launch of new wine 'Progrigio'

Because a new 'pro' wine has been launched for customers with a taste for fizz.
Liam Neeson (left) as Daniel and Thomas Brodie - Sangster as Sam, during filming for 'Red Nose Day Actually'

Love Actually stars reunite to film sequel for BBC's comic relief

Love Actually stars Liam Neeson and Thomas Brodie-Sangster have reunited on the first day of filming for a new charity sequel film Red Nose Day Actually, 14 years after they appeared in the original film.
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Radio 4's Nick Robinson

BBC Radio 4 presenter apologises over Father Christmas blunder

Radio 4's Nick Robinson has apologised to horrified listeners after suggesting live on air that Father Christmas is not real.

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The letter written to Chloe Bridgewater

Girl, 7, 'over the moon' as Google chief replies to job application

A seven-year-old girl who loves robots and computers got something of a shock when Google chief Sundar Pichai responded personally to her job application.

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