OAP calls for illegal parking crackdown

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A veteran campaigner has vowed never to give up his battle to force council chiefs to bring illegal parkers to book.

Jack Gledhill says the staff and customers of businesses along Whitegate Drive, Blackpool, have been parking illegally for years and have not received so much as a ticket.

And the 76-year-old, of Gainsborough Road, claims bollards and railings are “ineffectual”.

For five years he has contacted Blackpool Council with numerous letters pointing out that motorists are breaking the law on a daily basis and demanding that something is done.

Mr Gledhill said: “I have pointed out the requirements of the current legislation on countless occasions, but nothing is done. The double yellow lines on the road clearly indicate that no one should be parking there, but every day the road is full of illegally parked cars. There is no sign of a traffic warden, no cars are ticketed and the decision to build bollards – one of which has already been knocked down – to stop drivers parking where they shouldn’t be parking in the first place is a waste of money. I will continue fighting against illegal parking all the time people continue to park illegally.”

Mr Gledhill says notices were recently placed on 200 illegally parked cars. However, the following day they were parked once more in their usual spots.

He said: “Doing something like that is pointless, if you are not going to follow it up by handing out parking tickets.”

Blackpool Council said it had previously contacted Mr Gledhill directly and declined to comment further.