Noise warning for party hotel

The Malibu Hotel on Albert Road in Blackpool
The Malibu Hotel on Albert Road in Blackpool
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DESPERATE hoteliers have pleaded “give our guests a chance to sleep” amid claims a 24-hour party hotel is ruining their lives.

Business close to The Malibu Hotel, on Albert Road, fear loud music, raucous shouting and lewd behaviour will put guests off returning – and force them out of business.

The Malibu – which advertises itself as a party hotel with 24-hour bar – was hauled before Blackpool Council’s licensing panel yesterday after neighbours demanded a review of its licence.

Christopher Moorhouse, who owns the neighbouring Avon Hotel, said he had received floods of complaints from guests since the hotel opened in September, with one woman so annoyed by the noise she asked for a different room at 3.30am.

He told the hearing: “The noise is the result of rowdy, drunken behaviour which continues from the early hours of the morning right through until we’re serving breakfast at 7.30am.

“It’s resulted in a majority of our guests complaining. Guests who have been coming to us for the eight years we’ve been here indicated we can’t guarantee they will get a decent night’s sleep.”

Fellow hotelier Valerie Walker, of The Astoria, on Albert Road, added: “It’s the noise which is my biggest problem, people are getting disturbed right through the night by the cursing, the drunks and the shouting.

“I don’t think I’m going to get repeat guests, my guests who have come for the last five years aren’t happy.”

The licensing panel heard about problems with waste piled up outside the hotel and guests crammed into rooms, but the hotel’s owner Jonathan Hartley said these issues had now been rectified, with rubbish cleared and the hotel’s capacity reduced.

His solicitor Trevor Colebourne said: “At the end of the day he is providing his accommodation service in Blackpool for a market Blackpool has. What he has got to do is toe the line, keep the guests under control and keep the noise down.”

The licensing panel agreed the hotel could keep its licence, but banned alcohol being served between 3am and 11am, ordered Mr Hartley to install CCTV while restricting the number of people allowed in the bar area to 50.