New locks at child fall flat

Window locks changed where Finlei Radley fell out at his home in Bispham.  He is pictured with mum Charlotte Church.
Window locks changed where Finlei Radley fell out at his home in Bispham. He is pictured with mum Charlotte Church.
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The family of a toddler who fell up to 20ft from a first-floor window today praised housing bosses for introducing a range of safety measures to the home.

The Gazette reported last week how one-year-old Finlei Radley fell from the living room window of his flat on Linden Place, Bispham, and landed on the grass below.

He had been in the room alone after his older brother Dilan left the window wide open.

His parents, Michael Radley and Charlotte Church, said they would ask landlord Blackpool Coastal Housing for extra locks on the windows to stop Dilan, six, from opening the window.

And staff from the organisation arrived on Monday to carry out the work.

Charlotte, 22, said: “They’ve fitted locks to all the windows and all the doors as well and they have decided to move the radiator away from the window.

“I am really pleased at how quickly they have responded to what we’ve happened and how quickly they have come to do the work. It’s a lot more than I expected.”

Finlei, 20 months, miraculously suffered only a broken arm, a bump to the head and a sore leg in the fall, which happened on September 22.

Miss Church said he was healing well.

“He is back on his feet now and moving around, which is a good sign,” she said.

“And his arm isn’t too bad either.”

Peter Jefferson, chief executive of Blackpool Coastal Housing, said: “At the request of the family we have now visited the home to fit window restrictor devices.

“We are pleased to be able to help and we hope it will provide the family with some peace of mind.”

After The Gazette reported Finlei’s accident, Bury-based security firm UAP limited got in touch to offer its services free of charge.

Area sales manager Barry Halpin said he saw our article online, and wanted to offer his company’s help.

He said: “4,000 children a year fall out of windows, so this is quite a big issue for us. We have a solution available, but not many people are using it because they are not aware of it.” Before Mr Halpin could arrange for the product to be fitted at the flat, Blackpool Coastal Housing had been in with its own equipment.

Mrs Church said: “It’s brilliant that there are people out there offering to help us, we absolutely appreciate that.”