‘My brave mum never gave up’

Martine Trickett and her mum Jocelyn, in 2012
Martine Trickett and her mum Jocelyn, in 2012

Martine Trickett is hoping the story of her brave mum’s fight with cancer will help others.

She hopes people will feel inspired hearing about her 84-year-old mum, who battled the illness to the last, and be given faith.

She also wants women to heed health messages about self-checking.

And Martine, a dance teacher, intends to set up a support group for families on the north of the Fylde coast – Cleveleys, Thornton, Knott End, Fleetwood – who have lost relatives and loved ones to cancer.

Martine, who lives in Cleveleys, lost her mum Jocelyn at the start of March.

She had been fighting breast cancer for nearly two years.

Jocelyn was an active and sprightly 82-year-old, when she discovered a lump and was diagnosed with the condition, in 2012.

She underwent a mastectomy and started on chemotherapy. She later had to have radiotherapy.

Sadly, despite it initially appearing the treatment was working, doctors found another tumour, this time on her shoulder.

Martine said: “My mum had so much to cope with. But she never complained.

“She must have been in pain, she must have felt awful at times, but she never moaned.

“She just got on with it and fought it all the way. She was amazing.

“She had to give up shooting at the gun range, which she loved and was really disappointed about, but she was enjoying writing poetry.

“She was enjoying everything as best she could and really making the most of things.

“My mum remained positive throughout. The doctors all admired how strong she was.”

And despite extensive treatment, Martine’s mum took a turn for the worse.

Martine said: “She went downhill very fast. We had been on holiday and she was brilliant, we had a great time.

“She had been looking so well, but then she suddenly became jaundiced. People couldn’t believe the transformation.

“Mum still fought and fought.

“I phoned Trinity Hospice, we talked about it and they took her in. She went rapidly downhill.

“But the staff there were wonderful and did all they could.

“She was still very resilient and never complained. She was so strong and she never gave up.

“In the end, I said to her ‘just let go now mum’ and she took a deep breath and that was it.

She was at peace.”

Now Martine hopes her mum’s example will provide inspiration and help to others.

“I hope other people will think about an 84-year-old woman never giving up.

“And I want to get the message across to women to keep an eye out on their bodies for any changes, anything unusual and go to see the doctor if they find something.

“There aren’t really any support groups in the north of the Fylde coast, so I was thinking it might be a good idea to set one up.

“It doesn’t have to be formal, just for anyone who wants to get in touch for a chat, for coffee, anyone who has been through something similar.

“My mum was so strong and such an amazing person, I want to carry her legacy on. She always did a lot for other people and for charity.”

lTo contact Martine, call 07967 970 847.