Mum’s The Word - October 14, 2014

William Mellor's puzzled face as he ponders where his fingers have gone
William Mellor's puzzled face as he ponders where his fingers have gone

It must be strange for a newborn to suddenly find themselves covered in clothes.

After all, they’ve spent nine months floating around in their warm, protected home – completely starkers.

And nine months on, it seems William is still getting used to being clothed head-to-toe in material.

Nappy changes have to be super quick, (and I’m still working on that) or you’ll see a bare bottom making a break for it!

It’s even a struggle getting a hat on as any time you try to put something on his head, he thinks it’s a game and shakes it off!

And now autumn is well and truly upon us there are even more layers to consider – we’ve already started the thermostat battle in our house, where I’m buried under five jumpers begging for the heating to be turned up while the hubby is wandering around in shorts.

Take the other day, when the temperature had dropped to a chilly 11 degrees Celsius.

Time for the mittens.

William hasn’t worn mittens since he was first born, and even then they weren’t on long before he managed to wrestle them off.

Once I’d wiggled his fingers into these cosy new finger warmers, he looked at them with the most bemused face. I’m sure he must have been thinking: ‘Mum, where the heck have my fingers gone?’

And, ‘why are the ends of my arms suddenly all furry?’

Well, maybe I’ve slightly over-complicated his thoughts, but nonetheless, he stared at his new mittens for the entire 20-minute journey home. I’m sure, when the temperature drops even lower, he’ll be glad of his winter woolies.

And if he’s still crawling around the house naked then, he’s braver than me.

Or daft – like his winter short-wearing father!