Mum’s the word - November 18, 2014

William Mellor all kitted out for swiming
William Mellor all kitted out for swiming
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If anyone sees a pair of little eyes staring at them under their cubicle door after swimming, fear not.

It’s more likely to be my inquisitive 11-month-old son than a peeping Tom.

I took William to his first swimming lesson last week.

We’d been to the pool a few times before for a splash around, and he’d loved it, so we tried out the council-run parent/child classes.

The session, run by Liz, was wonderful. In fact, we can’t wait for next week.

We sang nursery rhymes as the mums floated their babies on their front around the pool, tried a few starfish poses and a lot of splashing!

There was also a big emphasis on water safety, so we helped the children to practise jumping in and climbing out of the pool.

Then came William’s favourite part (and mine too, if I’m honest) – chasing yellow rubber ducks around the pool, which was not only fun, but encouraged him to move his arms in the water.

We even did a (non-compulsorily) dunk, which I’d not dared to do before, but the little chap came up out of the water pretty unfazed.

The half-an-hour class flew by, and William was worn out afterwards. It was pretty good exercise for me, too (which can only help counteract all the mince pies that suddenly keep appearing in my hand!)

So after getting William dressed, I let him crawl around (what else do you do with a wriggling baby while stood in a dripping wet swimsuit?)

Anyway, he was perfectly happy having a nosy around – especially after spotting a gap between the cubicles.

He dropped down low – as if an army sergeant had just asked him to do 50 press-ups – and stuck his head right up to the gap to peer through.

I’m only glad I didn’t bump into the lady in the cubicle next door on the way out!