Mum’s the word - August 5, 2014

Will Mellor looking angry
Will Mellor looking angry
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I’m considering giving 
William a few tips in self-defence.

Nothing serious like any taekwondo moves, but just maybe how to get (or shuffle in his case) out of any tricky situations.

The thing is, as much as we enjoy going to different play groups, he’s become somewhat under attack.

There’ve been a few occasions in particular when it would’ve been better to dress him up in full-on protective armour than a babygrow.

The first time, the tiny tots were sat in a circle banging on some drums when a toddler, who was sat next to William, launched at his head with a drumstick. Thankfully, I managed to pull him out of the firing line before the child could do any serious damage.

Then 15 minutes later, while the children were 
lying down, the same child crawled over to the little chap and pinched him on the face without warning.

‘Oh, he does like to pinch,” the other child’s mum said as she moved him away.

From the tears rolling down his face, it was clear William didn’t like it much.

Then there’s the verbal attacks. I’m sure you can 
imagine what I muttered under my breath when one mum at a play group described William as having angry eyes.

I agree he can look pretty serious when he’s met someone for the first time and is weighing them up, but at 
seven months old he’s not really got much to be angry about.

“Don’t take this the wrong way...” she said.

(Well, any sentence that starts like that is bound to be fairly unpleasant.)

“He’s got your eyes hasn’t he, but your eyes if you were angry all the time.”

Well, that’s just charming. But I guess all this pinching, hitting and name-calling are good preparation for the big world out there.

It’s just a fact of life, and down to the hubby and I to bring him up as a kind, caring little boy... yet one who can stand up for himself!