Mission to build a better body

Cinzia Lanza in action
Cinzia Lanza in action
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Cinzia Lanza is determined to follow in the fitness footsteps of her late father.

The 29-year-old, from South Shore, has already made a good start – shedding two stone in weight and being accepted to compete in the Fit Factor amateur body building contest, at the Body Power Expo, in Birmingham, in May.

Cinzia’s dad Kevin was a body-builder and trained regularly, at Olympia Gym on Harrowside, where a plaque has been put up in his memory, and his father before him, Arnold Frankitt, was also a body-builder.

After losing her dad when he was just 45 years old, in 2009, Cinzia decided she felt life was too short and threw herself into new ventures.

She has already had success with her singing career, performing in last year’s summer season at VIVA in Blackpool.

And now has decided to focus her energies on training and sculpting her body too.

Cinzia, who is now training at De Vere Village Blackpool, also plans to compete in the Miss Miami Pro Fitness contest.

Mr Frankitt sadly passed away after developing an infection following a routine operation on his throat.

Cinzia, who works with her mum in the family-owned restaurant San Marco, on Lytham Road, said: “Ever since he passed away, I have found motivation to do new things and to give everything in the things I do. It just really made me feel life was too short and it gave me that push.

“So as well as singing, I started doing more exercise and training for body building, as well as being more strict about food – which can be hard working in an Italian restaurant!

“I wasn’t really overweight before, but I was a bit podgy and I have lost two stone in the last few months.

“I’m now a size 8 and was about a 12 to 14 before.

“I cut my food portion sizes in half and also became a vegetarian. It’s not easy and you have to be very organised, but I feel great.

“I think my dad would be proud and if he was still here, I would have definitely have been training with him. My grandfather was a body builder too, so it’s all three generations really.

“I feel healthier and am enjoying my training and seeing the improvements I make.

“I’m the sort of person who always puts 100 per cent into whatever I do, so I have been giving it my all.

“I’m so excited about the competition, even to just be accepted to take part is fantastic. I will be working hard for it and I feel spurred on by the memory of my dad.”