Man avoids jail after injuring partner in row

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A man threw a vodka bottle at his partner, leaving her with a bleeding wrist.

Stuart Evans hurled the bottle in temper following an argument with his partner.

Evans was given a suspended sentence by a judge, who heard he had served a seven-year prison sentence for stabbing a former partner.

Evans pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm at the flat he shared with his partner on Chesterfield Road, Blackpool, on May 17.

Mercedeh Jabbari, prosecuting at Preston Crown Court, said the victim knocked on a neighbour’s door, crying, holding a towel around her wrist.

She said “See what he’s done to my arm” and when the towel was lifted up, blood was seen pouring out.

The witness went on to text Evans, asking him for help, saying she couldn’t stop the blood. He texted back, saying something like “I know, I’m sorry”.

Eventually, the injured woman agreed to an ambulance being called. There was a deep cut to the back of her wrist – the wound measuring about an inch wide.

The defendant told officers he had thrown the bottle in anger. They had both been drinking and ended up arguing.

Evans explained the bottle had caught her on the arm and the glass smashed.

He said he had not seen any blood, but heard her yelp in pain, added Miss Jabbari.

The court heard that in 1999 Evans had been given a seven-year sentence at Bradford Crown Court for a wounding with intent. That had involved domestic violence, a stabbing of a former partner.


Rachel Woods, defending, said: “He clearly panicked and left the property.

“Thereafter, he was wracked with guilt.”

“This was a relationship that was blighted by excessive drinking.

“He recognises he was a binge drinker.

“Since then he has sought help about his drinking. This incident has been a wake-up call.”

The judge, Recorder Rowena Goode, said she had been persuaded that the sentence of prison could be suspended.

Evans was given 12 months in prison, suspended for two years, with 12 months supervision and a Building Better Relationships programme.