Locking out the troublemakers

Tony Wilkins (left) and Roy Cheetham in the alley at behind of Ashton Road, Blackpool.

Tony Wilkins (left) and Roy Cheetham in the alley at behind of Ashton Road, Blackpool.

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A CAMPAIGN has been launched by neighbours who are pleading with town hall bosses to erect alleygates behind their homes to reduce “horrendous” behaviour.

Residents along Ashton Road, Blackpool, have put up with years of fly-tipping, dog fouling and drunks and drug addicts gathering in the alleyway behind their homes.

They are demanding the council put gates along one half of the alleyway, where the main problems lie.

Michael Stec, 57, of Ashton Road, said: “We’ve found needles down the alley, dog fouling, and fly tipping.

“It’s horrendous.”

Another resident, Tony Wilkins, 65, said the problem has got worse in recent years.

And Roy Cheetham, 79, also of Ashton Road, added: “With the amount of rubbish dumped there, a fire engine wouldn’t get through so it isn’t safe.”

Blackpool Council said it is looking at ways to catch the culprits, including the possibility of installing CCTV cameras.

Coun Eddie Collett, ward councillor for Tyldesley ward, added: “We’ve had discussions with the residents of Ashton Road about how we can keep the alleys there clean, as well as safe.

“Because there are flats on the alleyway, we are not able to install a full set of alleygates there.

“Having looked closely at the problem, we don’t feel putting the gates on half the alley would stop the problem either, and would just result in the fly tipping moving over to the non-gated section.

“A more successful solution would be to catch the culprits who are responsible for the fly tipping and we will use various methods to try to track them down, and issue them with the necessary fines.”

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