Oyston angers fans with ‘Cash Cow’ pose

Karl Oyston poses next to a mobile billboard parked outside of Bloomfield Road

Karl Oyston poses next to a mobile billboard parked outside of Bloomfield Road

Frustrations spilled over at Bloomfield Road last night as fan protests resulted in ugly scenes in the closing stages of Blackpool’s defeat by Derby.

Fans clashed with police and stewards as they congregated in front of the stand where chairman Karl Oyston was sitting.

Chants were aimed at the chairman during the game and there was a protest outside afterwards. Frustration has built up over what supporters see as a lack of investment in the club since the Premier League season of 2010/11.

A mobile billboard had been parked outside the ground during the afternoon, referring to the club as ‘Oyston’s Cash Cow’. A photograph of Oyston standing beside the billboard was posted on Twitter by his son, prompting hundreds of replies from Blackpool fans.

The chairman didn’t wish to comment on the protests last night. It was left to stand-in boss Barry Ferguson to answer questions about the scenes.

He said: “I heard the protests and what the fans were singing, I’m not going to kid anyone.

“I can’t tell the fans what to do or what to chant. It’s not a great help to the players but they pay their money and feel they have the right to say what they want.

“I’ve seen inside the club what’s being spent and it’s not what people are making out. The budget is a good enough to compete in the Championship.

“But if you’re not performing the fans are not going to be happy. It’s up to us to put in performances on the pitch.

“Fans have every right to say what they want and do what they want.

“They pay their money and have their opinions. If they want to boo and chant, that’s up to them. On the pitch we need to respond properly.”

Lancashire Police confirmed no arrests were made in or around the ground last night.




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