It’s another fine mess

Penny Gorst with her parking fine from Aldi in Cleveleys which she believes she received unfairly

Penny Gorst with her parking fine from Aldi in Cleveleys which she believes she received unfairly

Another peeved parker has come forward to share their parking woes at a Fylde supermarket.

Alan Hunter, 67, from Levens Close, Poulton, was hit with a fine after leaving his car at the Aldi store, in Cleveleys, in April this year.

Mr Hunter has called for clearer signs to be put up in the car park explaining the system in place, after The Gazette told the story of 88-year-old Penny Gorst, who is fighting a fine given by the same company.

However, the company says the signs which are already in place are clearly recognisable.

Mr Hunter said: “We haven’t been back to that shop since.

“We’d just parked the car as usual and then we got a penalty notice a few days later, which I was steaming about.

“There was no visible sign, and we’ve been caught because the signs seem to be either six inches above the ground or 20 feet high.”

Mr Hunter had the £70 fine successfully overturned by Chorley-based company Parking Eye, which is contracted to run the car park, after complaining to Aldi.

Speaking to the Gazette, Mrs Gorst revealed her own struggle with the automated parking system, and she is currently fighting the fine with the aid of her local councillor Lesley McKay, after she was hit the the penalty notice while conducting her weekly shop at the store last month.

An Aldi spokesperson said: “In a number of our stores across the UK we have a car park management system in place to ensure the provision of car parking availability to all our customers.

“In a handful of our stores, such as the store in Cleveleys, it has been necessary to install other systems whereby customers are required to enter their registration prior to leaving the store.

“Information about parking is always clearly signposted in our car parks and in store.”




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