High winds hit Fylde coast... again

High winds and high tides on the Fylde coast.

High winds and high tides on the Fylde coast.

Fierce weather saw the Fylde coast battered yet again.

With just a few people out on the Prom at yesterday afternoon’s high tide many Golden Mile shops and amusements were closed for business.

Solly Parker, of the Candy Store, next to Blackpool Sea Life Centre, said while the stormy weather had not damaged his shop, it did keep the customers away.

“We need all the customers we can get at this time of year, and with this extreme weather they’re just not coming out,” he said.

“It’s been OK this time around, but last week we had to shut early. We have souvenirs out on stands which were coming off in the high winds.

“Because of the sea coming out onto the Prom the stock was getting damaged and tainted – that’s how this is affecting us.”

Mr Parker, 39, has had the shop for 20 years, and said he had never witnessed the sea breaching the Prom’s seawall until last week.

He added: “It’s probably down to the extreme weather – it’ll be happening more and more now.

“Although the water came onto the road and up to the shops last week, I was impressed with how quickly the council came out to clear it up.”

Following last week’s storms, Blackpool Council announced it would investigate whether the breach of the resort’s new £100m seawall was down to freak weather or weaknesses in the structure.

Liverpool Coastguard was also keeping an eye on the rough seas, and warning people to avoid the Promenade.

Wind speeds were recorded up to 32mph by the Met Office yesterday, with gusts reaching 59mph at high tide at 2.45pm.

Today’s wind speeds are expected to reach 25mph with gusts of up to 37mph.

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