Demo to protest at cuts

A previous demonstration by Blackpool Against the Cuts

A previous demonstration by Blackpool Against the Cuts

A demonstration is being staged in Blackpool to protest against reforms to the welfare system.

Members of Blackpool Against the Cuts claim the Government is being too tough in suspending benefits payments to people while their eligibility for welfare is determined.

They are urging members of the public to join them at a demonstration outside the JobCentre on Queen Street in the town between 2pm and 3pm on Thursday, and have warned people are being put on the breadline.

Chairman of Blackpool Against The Cuts, Ken Cridland said: “We believe that dozens of people in Blackpool who are not in work and have had their benefits suspended, now have no income.

“They have to rely on friends and soup kitchens to survive.

“Their children will be on the social services list of about 950 children in Blackpool who are likely to get no Christmas presents, apart from those being organised by charities.”

James Sorah, also a member of Blackpool Against the Cuts, is urging people to support the demonstration.

He said: “We live in a vulnerable time when the jobs market is very uncertain, and anyone could find themselves out of work and in the position of having to rely on social security.

“The Government at the moment is taking a punitive approach to welfare, yet this is what people pay their national insurance for.

“The reason we are holding the demonstration is to campaign against this punitive approach to social security.

“We want to see a different approach - one that supports people to get back into work.

“All are welcome to come along and join us and show their support.”

Chancellor George Osborne announced in his Autumn Statement last week that a cap on total government welfare spending will start in 2015.

The precise limit will be set in the spring of 2014, and the cap will be imposed a year later.

However benefits which fluctuate with the economy, such as Jobseeker’s Allowance, will be excluded from the cap.

In 2014, the Government is expected to spend £112bn on welfare payments, rising to £113.1bn in 2015, and £117.9bn in 2016.

But Mr Osborne said the Government “has a responsibility to taxpayers to control their spending on welfare.”

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