Landlords: ‘Stigma cost us pub we loved’

The Dinmore pub, Dinmore Ave, Grange Park.
The Dinmore pub, Dinmore Ave, Grange Park.
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Landlords of a pub which fell victim to the economic climate say they were making the premises “better for everyone”.

The Dinmore, on Dinmore Avenue, Grange Park, closed down on July 14 when owners Calco Pubs went into administration.

Despite its closure landlords Vicky and Danny Hassett, said customers did not want to leave the pub when the announcement was made.

In a comment posted on, the landlords wrote: “We made a struggling business into a profitable one.

“We were under the impression the pub and the land had been sold to a development company.

“The pub had its problems but we, with our locals, worked to make it better for everyone.

“When we closed two Sundays ago we had the locals not wanting to leave.

“If more people had looked past the old stigma we would still have the pub we loved and it would be a successful community asset.”

The property is listed on the Edward Symmonds property consultants website as being for sale with an asking price of £175,000.

A spokesman for administrators Zalfo Cooper said: “The site had incurred trading losses for some time and matters were compounded by the need to spend a not insubstantial sum on health and safety compliance work during the autumn of 2013.

“Regrettably, in view of this, the Joint Administrators took the decision to arrange for the site to be closed.”

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