Landlord’s fury at trail of destruction

Landlord Karim Haji
Landlord Karim Haji
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A LANDLORD has blasted “disgusting” tenants who have caused around £12,000 damage to his property.

Karim Haji, who owns a number of properties on the Fylde coast, collected the keys to his flat on Caunce Street on Monday after the previous tenants left.

One of the rooms

One of the rooms

But to his horror, he discovered the couple had carried out a catalogue of destruction in the three bedroom house - and left him with a massive bill.

Heavily soiled carpets had been ripped from the floor, sofa cushions were destroyed and paper ripped off the walls.

Filthy pots and pans, takeaway litter, drugs paraphernalia and dirty clothing were left strewn around the property and to make matters worse, racist graffiti was daubed across the walls.

Mr Haji, 47, from Thornton, has reported the matter to the police and Blackpool Council but today told of his disgust.

He said: “These people are worse than animals, their dogs had soiled the place and they were living among it.

“I was absolutely sickened when I opened the door, the smell was bad enough to knock me back before I even saw the state of it.

“I want tax payers in Blackpool to see how their money is being used because these were DSS tenants.

“They have absolutely no respect for anybody else’s property, It will cost me around £12,000 to put right again.”

Mr Haji re-decorated the entire property a year ago before the pair moved in.

To his dismay, he has been told his insurance will not cover the cost for the extensive damage caused by the animals, because of a clause in his policy.

He said: “I want to warn other landlords to check, check and check again before you let out your house because this couple seemed fine.

“I am going to be left seriously out of pocket, the dogs have damaged the walls, chewed the units and ruined furniture.

“Nowadays DSS tenants are asked to pay a £100 bond but what use is this? It’s not even enough to clean a carpet.

“Landlords are always being told to clean up their act and make sure accommodation is of a good standard but what protection is there for us?

“I am absolutely devastated by what these disgusting people have done.”

Blackpool Council said the rental was a private agreement and had not involved the authority.