Knifeman sliced his dad’s face

Thomas Houston
Thomas Houston
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A VIOLENT thug is today waking up behind bars after slicing his father’s head open with a “fearsome” knife designed to chop up bones.

Thomas Houston, 21, cut his father’s face and the top of his head with the weapon following a drunken binge.

Houston, who has a string of previous convictions for battery, pleaded guilty to wounding on the basis he was acting in self defence.

Preston Crown Court heard Houston armed himself with the knife after being woken by a fight between his father and brother.

Paul Brookwell, prosecuting, said his violent actions went “beyond self defence.”

He said: “The defendant had been drinking with his father and brother but returned [to his father’s home] sooner than the others.

“He went to sleep but was woken by a fight taking place between his father and brother.

“He saw his father arm himself with a knife, he armed himself with a knife in self defence.

“He accepts the violence he used went beyond self defence.”

The court was told the three relatives went out drinking together at 4.30pm on January 27 and the fight broke out at Houston’s father’s flat on Dickson Road, central Blackpool, later that evening.

Houston, saw his father, who he was staying with at the time, with a knife and armed himself with the weapon.

He claims he did not see his father put his knife down before he launched his attack.

Houston’s father suffered a 3cm-long gash to his left cheek and a 1cm-long cut to the top of his head, which had to be cleaned and glued by doctors.

Paul Humphries, defending, said: “It was a defence move for him to pick up the knife, albeit it was used excessively.

“He regrets what he has done. His fiancee is expecting a child. There is a future for the defendant.”

Houston pleaded not guilty to criminal damage, which was accepted by the Crown Prosecution Service.

Judge Graham Knowles QC jailed Houston for two years, which included sentencing for breaching community orders and a suspended sentence for previous battery offences.

He was also handed a restraining order which bans him from going onto Dickson Road until a further order is made.

The judge said: “The aggravating factor is your history of violence, persistent violence.

“This was a rock and chop knife, designed to chop up bones.

“It would have been a fearsome weapon. It would have been a horrifying scene for someone seeing what happened.”