Keep calm and carry on

Zoe Smith is a tutor for new classes called BabyCalm. She is pictured with son Tai Moore.
Zoe Smith is a tutor for new classes called BabyCalm. She is pictured with son Tai Moore.
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AFTER 10 years serving in the Forces, Zoe Smith felt she wanted a change.

Her experience in the Logistics Corps and training other military staff meant the mum-of-two felt teaching was a role she wanted to continue.

After leaving the forces Zoe, who lives in St Annes, trained as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist – specialising in pre and post-natal training and exercise.

The 36-year-old also studied and qualified in baby and infant massage, and then came across BabyCalm. After doing some research, she decided to train as a BabyCalm teacher.

BabyCalm aims to help new parents understand how to calm their baby’s crying, avoid colic and aid restful sleep; turning crying babies and stressed parents into calmer babies and happier parents.

Zoe said: “This is something calmer and more gentle, but using some of the presenting and teaching skills I gained while in the Forces.

“It was something I could do which would work round having a family. I wanted to do something which would use the skills I already have.

“I needed to do something which wouldn’t mean working all anti-social hours, but at the same time couldn’t afford to re-train, or enter into education which would last for a long period of time, especially with the recession and employment figures not looking good.

“Baby Calm is all about using parents’ instincts, rather than telling them a right or wrong way to do something.

“We like to promote natural parenting and help give parents confidence.

“There is always scientific evidence to back up what we do.”

There is a four-week parenting course, which covers things like bonding with the baby, feeding worries and colic, and there are one-off workshops, such as colic and crying, antenatal, baby-weaning and baby-led weaning.

The four-week course tends to be done in a group setting, and the workshops can be one-to-one, in a venue to suit parents.

Zoe, who lives with partner Gavin, said: “It has helped me with my own little one Tai, who is 11 months.

“The course was mainly aimed at babies younger than him, but some of the principles I learned have come in handy, and I’ve been able to put into practice myself.

“There is quite an age gap between him and my other son Callum, 13, but they adore each other – which is great.”

Anyone interested in the classes can log on to, email, or call 079722 62862.