Kay puts charity on tour

Peter Kay
Peter Kay
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PETER Kay showed the serious side of comedy last night – helping a toddler in her battle against a brain tumour.

Two extra charity nights, both at Blackpool’s Opera House, were added to Kay’s tour at the last-minute to raise cash for four-year-old Billie Bainbridge from Exeter, who needs £200,000 to travel to America for treatment.

And with Kay’s first gig alone raking in £158,000 – a figure that more than justifies the odd recycled joke – it shows a big heart behind a big stage presence.

The audience were treated to a night of laughter and delight as the king of the British comedy circuit wowed the sell-out crowd.

And as someone who regularly leaves all manner of shoes strewn across the floor, it was hard not to collapse into a fit of giggles as Kay mimed the put-upon man falling over his wife’s belongings.

There were more than a few wry looks exchanged between couples in the audience as he carried out his performance – and therein lies the beauty of Kay’s comedy.

There aren’t many acts who could miss their big musical intro and wander on stage doing their fly up, but Kay gets away with it –his mere presence enough to send half the audience into hysterics.

All he had to do was roll out a catchphrase – garlic bread, cheesecake, they all made an appearance – and he had the capacity crowd eating out of the palm of his hand.

As always, the sketches are an insight into family life – from rows about the amount of space left on the Sky Plus box to the joys of introducing your grandparents to digital TV, it’s simple, yet hysterical stuff.

There’s nothing ground-breaking here (although there was a spontaneous Q and A session at the end where Kay revealed plans for a Max and Paddy Christmas special, and hinted at another series of Pheonix Nights) but after all this is an extension to a tour which has been going on for well over a year.

Last night’s and tonight’s sell-out Opera House shows are a culmination of Kay’s massively successful Tour That Doesn’t Tour (but eventually did) line up of dates.