Karaoke chaos at hotel

The Sandringham Court Hotel on Reads Avenue Blackpool
The Sandringham Court Hotel on Reads Avenue Blackpool
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A hotel has been banned from selling alcohol for six weeks after rowdy stag and hen parties disrupted other guests by fighting in the street and playing karaoke music until the early hours of the morning.

On one occasion, it was claimed, “a rugby team was running the bar”.

The owner of the Sandringham Court Hotel on Reads Avenue, Blackpool, was hauled before a council licensing review after a neighbouring hotelier complained the disturbances were hitting his trade.

A panel of councillors chaired by Coun Sylvia Taylor suspended the premises licence authorising the sale of alcohol at the Sandringham, and added stricter conditions to the licence including that all windows and doors must be closed when karaoke music is being played.

Neighbouring guesthouse owner Christopher Kinsella told the hearing: “During the season when stag and hen groups are staying there, nearly every weekend we have to ask them to turn the noise down.

“It is happening at 2am or 3am and it is not acceptable.

“On one occasion I counted 23 people having a fracas outside the Sandringham Court Hotel. There was one police officer and 23 people fighting and drunk.

“I am constantly having my guests complaining to me about noise from across the road. There has been loud music from the bar past midnight and karaoke levels which were too high.

“I have to take the complaints of my guests seriously otherwise I will lose my business.”

PC Emma Pritchard, of Blackpool police licensing team, said on September 15 this year, police were called by a guest at the Sandringham complaining about noise from the bar at 2.44am.

PC Pritchard said: “She has made reference to the licence holder not being in control and that a rugby team was running the bar.”

Licence holder Satnam Singh Dhaliwal said tenants were running the hotel which he had owned since 2004.

He agreed to the alcohol licence being suspended.

Mr Dhaliwal said: “They have a two-year lease and considering all the problems, I really think they have no control over the hotel.

“Before this, it was run by a family and there were no problems.”

He added he intended to ask the tenants, who were not at the hearing, to leave.