Jail for killer in terrifying knife robbery

John Martin Chapman
John Martin Chapman
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KILLER and drug addict John Chapman – who tied up and terrorised a young woman in her own home – has been locked up indefinitely.

Chapman bound his terrified victim, blindfolded her with one of her own bras and told her he could have slit her throat.

The terrifying ordeal in a Lytham flat came just six years after the 41-year-old thug had been jailed for killing a Blackpool father-of-two at a house party in Staining.

Released from that sentence he then carried out the sickening robbery on his unsuspecting victim.

Father-of-three Chapman has now been jailed and will not be freed until he can prove he is no longer be a danger to the public.

Burnley Crown Court was told Chapman, formerly of Queen Drive, Staining, was desperate for heroin when he climbed up a drainpipe to the victim’s first floor flat.

The shocked woman had her mobile in her hand and desperately tried to dial 999.

But the Chapman grabbed her by the throat and pushed her to the floor warning: “Do as I say.”

He pulled out a knife, bound the woman’s hands with clothing and then blindfolded her.

Chapman grabbed cash, a bank card, PIN number and asked the woman where her jewellery was.

During the 15-minute ordeal he said “I haven’t hurt you have I?” and then chillingly warned his terrified victim “I could have slit your throat.”

Following the robbery, at 9.45pm on September 29 last year, Chapman later used the bank card to withdraw £300 which he spent on drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

He later made several further attempts to get money.

Elizabeth Dudley-Jones, prosecuting, said police arrived at the victim’s home to find her with a piece of material around her wrist.

Chapman, who had been caught on CCTV in the area, was arrested on October 7 in Blackpool.

When questioned he told police: “I expect to get about six years for this.”

Chris Hudson, defending, said Chapman had worked in fish and chip shops and the building trade.

But he started to drink too much, took heroin and crack cocaine, mixed in bad company and built up a fairly extensive criminal record.

Mr Hudson said at the time of the incident, Chapman had been living rough in Lytham.

The barrister continued: “He compounded that with consumption of alcohol he couldn’t afford and illicit drugs which he certainly couldn’t afford.”

Mr Hudson added the defendant was adamant he would never have hurt the woman.

He added: “She must have been absolutely petrified.”

Chapman admitted robbing the victim of a wallet, £50, bank card, driving licence and mobile phone and theft of £300.

He was given an indeterminate jail term for public protection and must serve at least four years and 219 days before he can be considered for parole.

Judge Jonathan Gibson said there was a significant risk of Chapman causing serious harm to others.

He said the victim was not caused any serious physical injury, but would have been terrified.

He told Chapman: “It’s clear what you did had a very significant effect, not only in the short term, but in the long term as well.”

Chapman was jailed for 27 months in 2006 for the manslaughter of Joseph Cochrane at a party in Queens Drive, Staining, in September 2005.

Mr Cochrane, of Newhouse Road, Marton, known to his friends as “Joe Bananas” sustained fatal head injuries after he was punched in the face by Chapman.

The force of the blow sent the victim backwards and he slammed his head into a door frame before sliding to the floor.

As the party went on through the night, Mr Cochrane was propped up at the bottom of a set of stairs.

It was only the next morning, with blood coming from the victim’s mouth, Chapman called an ambulance, claiming Mr Cochrane had fallen outside the house.