It’s not sand... and that’s snow joke!

Sand on the beach - but when was it?
Sand on the beach - but when was it?

What’s printed in The Gazette is not always black and white.

When we published this unusual and historic image of lorries depositing their hauls on Blackpool beach we were stumped as to what was going on so asked for readers’ help.

Dozens contacted the newsroom to give a simple answer – “snow!”

The image dates back to the 1940s. It was found, together with others in our Lost Archive of glass negatives, at The Gazette’s offices.

“They were severe winters,” recalled Norman Rolinson, 87. “The snow was up to the top of the garden walls.”

With much of the town brought to a standstill by the big freeze reinforcements were brought in to clear the streets.

“I think they were Army lorries,” said Geoffrey Coleman, 76.

“They had to cut the snow from the streets it had been trodden down that much,” told Bill Southern, 83.

Michael McGawley, 70, remembered similar happening in the 1950s. He said: “We had about three feet of snow across the town,” he said.

“The beach was full of snow and ice, it did look magical, a bit unusual. I’ve never seen snow like it since.”