‘It’s like our home is built out of Lego’

Robert and Philomena Breakell by the remains of their porch at their Bispham home.
Robert and Philomena Breakell by the remains of their porch at their Bispham home.
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A COUPLE have spoken of their horror after the porch of their home crashed to the ground without warning.

Robert and Philomena Breakell said someone could have been killed when the pile of heavy tiles and rubble fell into the garden in front of the door of their Bispham home.

Mr Breakell, who moved into the house on Tennyson Drive nearly five years ago, said he woke with a fright after hearing a huge bang in the middle of the night.

He added: “We thought there had been a big explosion outside. It woke us up. When I got downstairs I found part of the house had dropped off.

“What if it had happened when someone was near the door? These slates are heavy – with that lot coming down, we would have been killed.

“There was nothing left of the front porch. It’s terrifying. It’s a new estate and you don’t expect something like this to happen.

“It’s like it’s been built of Lego.”

The incident happened at around 5.30am on Tuesday at the house, which is part of a new development built by Chelford Homes.

Blackpool Council’s building control officer was called out to survey the site and decided the rest of the property did not pose any danger.

A spokesman for Blackpool Council said: “The couple were shaken because it happened in the middle of the night.

“We have advised them to talk to the builders.”

Mr Breakell, 76, said he hopes the home will be covered under the NHBC (National House-Building Council) warranty – which covers certified new-build houses.

He added: “We’ve got in touch with the National House-Building Council. We get a 10-year warranty on a new property.

“There were no gales or storms that night. Just bang – that was it. All the tiles ended up on the ground in front of the house. It damaged my car.

“Our neighbours from either side came out and helped us to move the rubble.

“Our next door neighbours are having to prop their porch up. It’s bad workmanship. It’s ridiculous.”

Under the NHBC building mark policy, building companies are responsible for repairing work within the first two years of the house being built. For the following eight years of the policy, the home owners can make a claim.

A spokesman said: “We have got the claims investigator ready to go out to see the couple. Once we have been out to see the house we can assist with an insurance claim.”

No-one from Chelford Homes was available to comment.