It’s good nudes for our resort’s hotels

Commercial manager Andrew Welch
Commercial manager Andrew Welch
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FORGET the pink pound – it was the buff pound making waves in Blackpool this weekend.

Dozens of naturists descended on the resort, and, after Friday’s 5pm kit-off time, it was all about how much fun you could have in the nude.

From whizzing down the Sandcastle’s water slides, to partying in the Promenade Bierkeller, and bowling a strike at Superbowl, the British Naturists were out to prove you don’t need clothes to have a good time.

Andrew Welch, who organised the weekend, said: “This is our third time in Blackpool, and we’ve got 135 people from all over the country.

“What we’re doing here is taking skinny dipping to another level, it’s a chance to get together with like-minded people, and put on activities.

“It’s the buff pound, and it’s just as valuable as any other.

“Once people have done it (naturism), they find it very difficult not to do it again.”

The group booked out the South Shore venue The Bond Hotel, on Bond Street, for the weekend, meaning everything from evening entertainment to meals could be enjoyed in the nude.

Naturists Brenda and David Burton, both 77 and from Sussex, have been going nude for around 30 years.

Brenda said: “We belong to a club, so we go to a lot of social events.

“I just enjoy the freedom. Naturists are known all over the world for being friendly people, and this is what you find at any naturist event.”

Electrical engineer Brian Taylor, 57, from Tamworth, has been to all three Blackpool weekends, and said: “It’s great fun.

“We get a good welcome everywhere we go in Blackpool.”

The hotel staff kept their clothes on, but restaurant manager Carol Maher added: “The staff enjoy it. They are no different from any other guests.”