In the news for 40 years!

John Grimshaw and Saltcotes News (Lytham) celebrating 40 years in the business
John Grimshaw and Saltcotes News (Lytham) celebrating 40 years in the business
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A NEWSAGENT has celebrated 40 years in the business.

John Grimshaw, of Saltcotes News, Lytham, took on the role of shopkeeper when his father bought the store in 1971.

John said he remembered how it was more of a convenience store when he first walked through the doors as a teenager.

He added: “We sold fruit and vegetables and even had carving meat available.

“In the 80s there were so many supermarkets springing up we moved towards news and startedvideo rental which was popular.

“Over the years the shop has changed, you have to move with the times to survive in this industry.

“After a while video rentals died off so we concentrated on selling and delivering newspapers with a smaller convenience section.”

John said the biggest change was the number of businesses closing around him.

He said: “I used to get an early morning trade from staff at BAE and Holt Jackson on Preston Road, but so much of the industry has gone.

“No one nips in for a paper any more, they will pop one in the basket while doing food shopping at a supermarket.

But, after 40 years, the 57-year-old said he still enjoys his job, especially the early summer mornings.

And his dad, Ray, who kept the books up until two years ago, still offers advice on how to improve the Saltcotes Road store despite being in his nineties.

He added: “I will stay here until I retire, I haven’t done anything else, I wouldn’t know how to, I suppose.

“But I have three wonderful assistants and don’t want to retire just yet.”