Hero rescue pair praised

Daniel Farnworth (left) and Brent Kenny at the spot where they rescued a man from drowning in the sea.
Daniel Farnworth (left) and Brent Kenny at the spot where they rescued a man from drowning in the sea.
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A hero paramedic who saved the life of a newborn baby boy has been honoured after fearlessly helping rescue a man drowning in the sea.

Brent Kenny, 30, and workmate Daniel Farnworth, 27, have been handed the Liverpool Shipwreck Award for their actions which saved the life of a man who went into cardiac arrest in the sea at Blackpool last summer.

Brent hit the headlines in The Gazette last month as part of a three-strong team who saved the life of Rory Porter, the baby being strangled by his own umbilical cord when he was born in a car. He insists he’s just doing his job though – and any of his colleagues would have done to the same to save someone in danger.

But the Blackpool-based pair added that to be rewarded for their efforts in difficult conditions is an honour.

Brent and Daniel were flagged down by a crowd as they travelled along the Promenade on August 28 after a 27-year-old man went into the sea after his dog.

Brent said: “The guy was being bashed against the sea wall. It was a very, very rough sea and it was just going dark.”

Daniel added: “We couldn’t just stand and watch this person die.”

Amazingly, the pair were able to throw a life-ring to land over the man’s head in order to drag him to shore.

By this time the man was unconscious and had gone into cardiac arrest. He had to be resuscitated on the sea steps before finally coming round in the ambulance.

The Liverpool Shipwreck Award is given to individuals who voluntarily put their own lives or safety at risk by saving or attempting to save people in danger in hazardous cases.

Brent said: “We know we took a risk going so close to the water, we were soaked through but it was somebody’s life so we had to do it.

“It’s nice to be recognised and when you have incidents where you save someone’s life it’s very, very rewarding.”

Daniel said he was “delighted”.

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