Training to help hospital patients

Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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New training of Blackpool medics should help tackle a big problem in hospital patients.

Staff at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will now undergo an intensive session on pressure ulcer prevention as part of mandatory training.

Tracy Burrell, clinical improvement manager, said: “A pressure ulcer, sometimes referred to as pressure or bed sore, is an area of skin which breaks down and typically occurs in patients who can’t move or have lost sensation.

“Prolonged periods of immobility put pressure on skin, soft tissue, muscle, or bone, causing tissue damage to develop.

“Pressure ulcers can have emotional, mental, physical, and social effects on quality of life – which is why the trust is dedicated to preventing these types of tissue damage.”

Pat Vickers, the trust’s tissue viability advisor, said: “Pressure ulcers are largely preventable. From a patient safety perspective, it is important we do our best to prevent pressure ulcers occurring. The enhanced training will ensure all staff maintain their knowledge, confidence and competence in caring for patients at risk of pressure ulceration.

“In the hospital environment, simple measures are followed, such as observing patients’ skin, and changing the position of patients at regular intervals. What we are seeing with the launch of this new training is the drive from staff to further improve quality of care for patients.”