Tragic mum’s plea after baby’s death

Jemma Evans, with Sue Malpass, has set up a Facebook group after losing her daughter Tiffany Susan (below).
Jemma Evans, with Sue Malpass, has set up a Facebook group after losing her daughter Tiffany Susan (below).
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A grieving mum is calling for changes at a Blackpool drop-in centre following the death of her baby.

Jemma Evans attended the Urgent Care Centre while she was pregnant with her first child after feeling discomfort.

Tiffany Susan

Tiffany Susan

She claims she was misdiagnosed by doctors at the centre, which is next to the emergency unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital and run by the town’s Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

A problem which led to her having an emergency caesarean section was only discovered months later by staff at the hospital delivery suite.

Her daughter, Tiffany Susan Malpass, was born 10 weeks early, and survived just seven hours.

Miss Evans, 20, of Luton Road, Cleveleys, and her partner Trevor Malpass, 22, are still coming to terms with what happened.

She said: “I want the centre to realise that when pregnant women come in, they should be sent to the delivery suite for a check up, not sent away without knowing what’s going on.

“At the very least they should have done an internal examination.”

Miss Evans says when she first visited the Urgent Care Centre in June she was told she had a water infection.

She was given antibiotics, told to take paracetamol and directed to see her GP.

But when the problem persisted, she says she returned to the centre three more times and was given the same diagnosis.

On August 5 she dialled 111 and was told to go to the Vic’s delivery suite.

Doctors there carried out a scan which showed what Miss Evans was experiencing was her waters, or amniotic fluid, coming away, leaving no protection for her baby.

Within 10 minutes she underwent an emergency Caesarean section but her daughter died hours later.

Miss Evans added: “I found out they could have given me steroids to help my daughter’s lungs develop if they had detected it when I first went to the Urgent Care Centre. They should have sent me to the delivery suite to be checked out. We are trying to cope, but it’s been really tough.

“Everything just hurts.”

A spokesman for Blackpool CCG said: “Although we are not able to comment on individual cases we are working with the Hospitals Trust and out-of-hours service to identify what happened and we offer our deepest sympathy to Miss Evans and her family.

“We can confirm she has been offered counselling and support to help her through this difficult time.”

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