What are you really breathing in?

Respiratory nurse Chris Jackson (below) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital is asking people to be aware of what they are breathing in.

Respiratory nurse Chris Jackson (below) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital is asking people to be aware of what they are breathing in.

Be aware of what you are breathing and don’t ignore the signs of poor lung health. That’s the message from Blackpool’s respiratory nurse specialist team.

Based at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, the six-strong team says poor lung health can shorten life expectancy as it treats a wide variety of patients suffering from lung disease and conditions, including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, pulmonary fibrosis and bronchiectasis.

It focuses on education and self-management of conditions for both inpatients and outpatients who have been diagnosed with any type of lung condition.

Chris Jackson, respiratory nurse specialist at The Vic, said: “Being aware of what you are breathing, whether that be in the work place or at home, looking after yourself and keeping fit are the best ways to maintain healthy lungs.

“If you are a smoker, seek help to quit. If you are suffering from breathlessness or a persistent and prolonged cough, you should urgently make an appointment to see your GP.

“Unfortunately the majority of lung conditions and diseases are incurable but they are manageable. Getting early diagnosis and treatment and learning how to cope with your condition really will have a positive impact on your quality of life.”

For Clare Eade, stopping her 30-a-day smoking habit was a no brainer.

After 21 years smoking cigarettes, she decided enough was enough. Her children, aged 10 and 15 were asking her to quit and she had been diagnosed with high blood pressure.

She sought support from the North Lancashire stop smoking service, and said she couldn’t have done it without them.

She said: “The Specialist Advisor supported me every step of the way and I am extremely grateful for all the help.
“I had fantastic support and information.”

Clare, of Preesall, used nicotine replacement therapy and ordered a Quit Kit online.

She also says she used a stress ball and walked a lot to help break the habit and get rid of cravings.

She added: “Now I am smoke free I can taste food better, enjoy the smell of perfume and flowers more and I’m not breathless and haven’t had a cold since I quit.

“I am much better off financially too.”

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