Lettuce have some fun on the Prom!

Vegan campaigners Scarlett Petty (left) and Rebecca Fulton, brave the chill to jump for joy.

Vegan campaigners Scarlett Petty (left) and Rebecca Fulton, brave the chill to jump for joy.

It may not exactly be the weather for swimsuits but it did not stop this hardy pair from delivering their message.

The campaigners took to Blackpool Promenade wearing nothing but lettuce leaf bikinis in a bid to encourage the resort’s residents to go vegan.

The members of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) were sharing their message that the best way to improve their physical and mental health is by going vegan.

The women managed 40 minutes in cool conditions outside yesterday, talking to passersby about the benefits of veganism, before hail halted play.

PETA campaign co-ordinator Kirsty Henderson said: “The ladies were very dedicated.

“They were very cold but they are very passionate about animal welfare and keen to show how great you can look and feel when you’re vegan.

“We thought it would be good for people in Blackpool to learn the benefits of an animal free diet.”

PETA said it was spurred on by a report released in 2012 which found Blackpool to be the unhappiest town in the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics, to spread its message that having an animal-free diet can improve health and wellbeing.

Ms Henderson added: “We wanted to be close to the iconic Blackpool Tower, the Promenade is great and a good place to get our message across.

“I think Blackpool was very receptive to the message.”

The bikini-clad girls bounced on trampolines with signs reading, ‘Jump for Joy: Go Vegan!’

Lettuce Lady, 21-year old Rebecca Fulton, said: “The winter months can be particularly glum.

“With delicious, healthy and humane vegan meals available in restaurants and shops now is the perfect time to go vegan and improve your health and your mood.”

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