Eve: A couple with a weight off their minds

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THIS husband and wife team have a real weight off their minds after shedding an impressive 13st between them.

Rebecca Worrall has lost 6st, plummeting from a size 22-24 to a svelte size 12, and husband Paul also got in on the act, dropping 7st.

The parents-of-four, from the Stanley Park area of Blackpool, say they owe their slimming success to Weight Watchers, which Rebecca joined in May last year.

Although Paul has not signed up himself or attended meetings, he has been following the diet by eating the same meals as his other half.

Rebecca says the healthy eating plan and weight loss has transformed their lives.

She said: “Before, I was getting really depressed.

“I’d been feeling down for a while and put it down to everything apart from my weight, but really – deep down – I knew it was my weight.

“I couldn’t wear many of my clothes. I could only wear one pair of my jeans and one day they got a hole in.

“I couldn’t find any more to fit me. I’m only 5ft, so trying to find anything in a size 24 to fit was near impossible.

“I didn’t have energy to do anything with the kids, I felt rubbish.

“Then one Sunday morning I was looking through the paper and saw an advert for Weight Watchers and just said I was going to do it and I haven’t looked back since.”

Rebecca, 39, said the plan – which she described as easy to follow – led to her having a new “zest for life”.

“I have so much more energy and have a new enjoyment of everything.

“The kids say I am now more fun!

“Now if they want to do something I am raring to go.

“Paul has done really well. He has just been following what I do, eating the same meals as me.

“And the children have been really supportive of us both.

“It’s made shopping so much easier now too for clothes.

“Before I didn’t like clothes shopping, now I love it!

“Now I know I can go anywhere and get clothes which fit me.

“The other day my eight-year-old son looked at me and asked if I was wearing skinny jeans, I said I was and he said ‘I never thought I’d see the day’!

“Things like that mean so much to you, as children do tell it like it is, so you know it’s genuine.”

Rebecca attended Cheryl Smith’s Weight Watchers group at: St John’s Church Business and Community Centre, Cedar Square, Blackpool, on Thursdays 10am.

There are also meetings with Cheryl at St George’s School, Marton, on Thursdays, 5.45pm and Mondays at Fleetwood Trinity Methodist Church, at 6pm.