Dental health bottom of league

Rotting teeth
Rotting teeth
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Blackpool is one of the worst towns for poor dental hygiene in five-year-old children, new figures reveal.

A report by Public Health England shows that 40.2 per cent of children in the resort have experienced tooth decay – way above the England average of 27.9 per cent and still over the North West average of 34.8 per cent.

In Blackpool, children aged five have an average of just under two teeth (1.81) affected by decay, where as across England children have less than one tooth affected by decay and in the North West the average is 1.29.

The town’s poor dental hygiene puts it in the worst five North West towns, behind Bolton, Oldham, Salford and Pendle. Across England, 1.7 per cent of five-year-old children showed signs of sepsis.

The figure increases in areas where there are higher levels of decay, and is highest in the North West at 2.5 per cent.

In Blackpool there are almost double the amount of children with abscesses, at 4.2 per cent.

Although the North West figures are the worst in England, they are an improvement on the results from 2008 to 2011.

Then 38.9 per cent of five-year-olds had experienced tooth decay.

Coun Ivan Taylor, Blackpool Council cabinet member for health and wellbeing, said: “These figures don’t come as a surprise, but obviously this problem is not just in Blackpool but it’s all over the country.

“It is important that we do all we can to help children keep their dental health.”