Ambassador Jane is Hospice Hero

Jane Wright is a volunteer ambassador for Brian House children's hospice
Jane Wright is a volunteer ambassador for Brian House children's hospice
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It’s a hard job to do, but Jane Wright says she gets more out of volunteering at Brian House than she can ever give to the children’s hospice.

Jane has been a volunteer at the facility for more than five years, and has recently been made a volunteer ambassador for the hospice.

It means she will attend charity events in aid of the Trinity Hospice and Brian House, on Low Moor Road, Bispham, and will speak to school children about the important work it does.

She said: “I’ll be helping to bring awareness to young people across the Fylde coast about what goes on here going to events being held for the hospice to promote volunteering.

“I want to promote that it’s not all doom and gloom here, but it’s a really fun place to be full of happy children.

“It’s a new role I’ve taken on and I’m really enjoying it.”

Jane, 43, of Thornton, started volunteering as a way of getting involved in the community.

She plays with the children and looks after them on days out.

“I get more out of it than they do,” she said.

“It’s such a feel good factor doing something good like this.

“It can be upsetting sometimes because you do get attached – it would be inhuman not to – but your heart is prepared for it because of the conditions some of the children have. If you do get upset, the staff and volunteers look out for you.

“I will absolutely be here for as long as I’ve got the time to spend here.”

Jane is thanking The Gazette for its work to raise £200,000 in its Hospice Heroes appeal.

The money we raise will be put together with a £280,000 grant from the government to pay for a massive refurbishment at both Trinity and Brian House.

At Brian House it will pay for improvements to the kitchen, living area and bedrooms.

She said: “This work is massively important and I think The Gazette is brilliant for getting on board.”


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