File that may have halted a murderer

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THE parents of a tragic Blackpool nurse are fighting to get hold of a file which they believe contains evidence to show why her murderer should never have been able to kill her.

John and Penny Clough say they will never give up their campaign for justice for Jane – their 26-year-old daughter who was brutally stabbed to death by ex Jonathon Vass, on bail for charges of raping her.

The couple are now hoping to get a copy of documents detailing Vass’s character and behaviour which they say was presented to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) by police – and contained information which should have stopped Vass being bailed.

Mr and Mrs Clough said they still held Judge Simon Newell – who granted Vass bail in the rape case – accountable for what happened to their daughter.

Mr Clough said: “This file could be the key. It will give us more pressure to apply to Judge Newell.

“We need him to explain himself and maybe an apology would go down well.

“We aren’t going to let it blow over until we have got some satisfaction.”

The Crown Prosecution Service say they have been in contact with the family since Vass was sentenced and if they write to them with any concerns they will do their best to answer them.

Jane, the mother of Vass’s one-year-old daughter, was brutally stabbed to death by the ambulance technician on her way into work at Blackpool Victoria Hospital in July last year.

As part of their Justice for Jane campaign, the couple have met with Victims’ Commissioner Louise Casey, who promotes the interests of those impacted by crime at the highest levels of Government.

The couple are also campaigning for the police to give families more choice over organ donation.

Mrs Clough, who is also a nurse, said: “It would have given us immense comfort if part of Jane was helping someone else.

“We really pushed for it but we were denied it because of Vass’s right to a second post mortem. She probably couldn’t have donated organs but she could have donated corneas, skin, bone and cartilage. You can donate these things several days after death. We’ve taken it up with the police and they’ve taken it on board.

The family has now received a letter to say the situation would be reviewed.

A police spokesman said: “The family have raised a number of issues with us which are currently being investigated.

“We will respond to the family in due course.”