Fears over new bar bid for town

CONCERNED residents have objected to an application to turn a cafe into a late night bar.

Owners of the Boca Cafe Bar in Poulton have submitted plans to Wyre council for a new alcohol and live music license.

Currently the bar, which is being renovated, can only sell alcohol with meals but requires a full license for a drinking establishment.

An application to open from on a Sunday from 9am until midnight has also been submitted.

But worried locals say Poulton is being ruined by these types of establishments.

Mrs Jeanette Morley, of Lockwood Avenue, said: "The rubbish we have to put up with on Sunday morning is already a problem.

"The council is trying very hard to re-generate Poulton with daytime trade but as long as these establishments are allowed no daytime trader will risk their windows being smashed.

"The playing of live music will cause more disturbances in the area and we already hear car doors banging at all hours in the morning."

Chris Tupling, of Breck Road said Poulton already had too many bars.

He said: "Previously the premises was a good quality coffee shop which sold food and wine. The new application says it will now be a bar.

"Poulton reached saturation point a long time ago regarding bars and Breck Road has more than its share.

"On Friday and Saturday night users of the Cube and the Matrix dominate this part of Breck Road making it impossible for the ordinary residents to use the road and therefore the town.

"The problem is caused by smokers who stand outside the bars and late night rowdy behaviour which is taking its toll on 'The Breck' with broken glass and cigarette ends."

The council has also received objections from environmental health regarding public nuisance.

A spokesman for Boca Cafe Bar said they were hoping to attract more up market clientele.

He said: "We are hoping to attract people in their thirties to the venue.

"We will open mainly on a Friday and Saturday night and hope to provide a similar atmosphere found in Manchester or Lytham."

The application will be considered at a meeting tonight.