Fears over car park promises

Artist impression of new �16m revamp of Blackpool Victoria Hospital
Artist impression of new �16m revamp of Blackpool Victoria Hospital
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“HOPEFULLY it will work.”

That was the reaction from residents fed up with parking chaos around Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

And homeowners living on nearby Whinney Heys Road, close to where the hospital is set to spend £16.5m on parking and regeneration work, say they are at the end of their tether with traffic problems caused by the facility.

The comments come as plans for a new multi-storey car park and changes to the road layout around the hospital were revealed yesterday by The Gazette.

Lesley Woodings, 66, said: “We’re not happy about it but we accept it’s needed.

“We think it’s in the wrong place. I think they should just buy us all up and put the car park here.”

Darren Holt, 44, of nearby Burwood Drive, says he does not see how more parking could reduce gridlock at busy times.

He added: “It’s mayhem. There are far too many cars around anyway. They could buy this street for £16.5m and build it here.”

But residents on nearby North Park Drive have welcomed the new parking proposals, saying it will divert cars away from their road.

Lara Little, 31, welcomed the prospect of less traffic on surrounding streets.

She added: “If you need to use the hospital you want to find a space without stress, I understand that.”

June Tasker, who also lives on North Park Drive, says her worry is about parking for staff rather than patients.

She said: “It will be great if the parking is reasonably priced, but if it is too expensive then it won’t take them away from this road.”

Hospital bosses say they hope the new car park will make them “a better neighbour” by stopping the issue of on-street parking around the hospital.

However, residents agreed better consultation about the issues would improve their view of the work.

Terrence Woodings, 69, said: “We’re never consulted until the last minute.”

Hospital chiefs say they will consult with local residents before their final proposals go before the council’s planning committee.