Family accuse care firm of failings

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A Blackpool family has accused a care firm of failing to properly look after an 83-year-old woman.

The family of Muriel Price has accused Mosaic Care Group of ‘multiple failings’ after filming secret footage of carers failing to turn up for visits or turning up late.

Mosaic say they take “these allegations extremely seriously” and were never informed the family had concerns.

A spokesman for the firm said: “At no time were any issues raised with Mosaic by the family. Any concerns would have been dealt with via the appropriate channels.

“It is noteworthy that the family returned the care package to Mosaic in 2011 and were therefore clearly happy with the service being provided.

“Mrs Price’s care contract was ultimately cancelled by Mosaic following acts of aggression and abuse towards Mosaic staff.”

Footage secretly filmed at Mrs Price’s home showed her in distress when her carer was late and trying to contact the care company, carers, family and neighbours.

A carer does appear, but is 55 minutes late.

The footage, which spanned nearly a month, was shown to the BBC.

Mrs Price’s grandson, Darryl Price, told the BBC: “To see someone in your family treated with no respect, no dignity, you question yourself and in a way you feel guilty.

“You’re the one who’s put that home care company in there, you’ve trusted this company to look after them.”