Exorcist dubs Blackpool house among scariest ever

A BLACKPOOL family's home has been dubbed one of the most haunted houses in England by a top TV psychic.

Apparitions of a crying child, a strict headmistress, banging coming from the loft and strange whisperings are all part of normal life for Sue Dennis.

Now the spooky goings-on will be featured in the second series of

LivingTV's Living With The Dead.

The show's fearless psychic mediums, Ian Lawman and Johnnie Fiori and paranormal investigator Stephen Griffiths spent two nights at the house in central Blackpool.

Ian Lawman said: "I've been doing exorcisms for 10 years and I would put it down as one of England's most haunted properties.

"It's the first time in England someone has got electronic voice phenomena in video footage. It was very active."

Mum-of-five Sue claims she was aware of spiritual presence in the property when she moved in 22 years ago.

She said: "When we arrived I sat down in the dining room and knew I wasn't on my own but I felt safe.

"I've always been open-minded and asked questions all my life. We have to accept it, because they are part of the family."

It is thought there are at least four ghosts haunting the property.

Ms Dennis, a duty manager at a bookmakers, said: "I got woken up by crying and I could see this child with brown ringletted hair sitting on the stairs.

"Another time there was banging in the loft, it was going mental, and sometimes things get moved and suddenly re-appear."

Her son Michael, 18, who experiences encounters with a straight-laced headmistress, said: "When I first saw her I was shocked. I just sat there in a frozen position."

And Sue's daughter Louise Barklan, 33, had her first paranormal experience when she was 14.

She said: "I was in the living room when I became really cold on my right side but fine on the other side.

"The next minute I felt a large ball in the middle of my chest and it exploded through my body. My hair felt like it was tingling."

Living with the Dead featuring the Blackpool home will be aired on LivingTV on Tuesday March 31.