Dog owners get woods warning

Witch Wood in Lytham and (below) Marion Coupe.
Witch Wood in Lytham and (below) Marion Coupe.
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STOP fouling our wood! That is the message to inconsiderate dog owners who are making life a misery for volunteers striving to protect a popular wood.

And the problem of dog mess in Lytham’s Witch Wood is now so bad, the Lytham St Annes Civic Society is calling on Fylde Council to bring in new rules to tackle it.

Marion Coupe (right)

Marion Coupe (right)

Cycling and horse riding could also be banned at the beauty spot if the society – which owns the wood – gets its way.

Marion Coupe, the society’s chairman, said: “A huge amount of volunteers’ effort goes into the wood.

“People look after it so carefully but they only have to go into the undergrowth to do some work and they find dog mess. Some people put it in bags and throw it or hang it on a tree.

“This wood is so loved by the responsible dog walkers – and there are plenty of those – but because of the minority of dog owners that go in there and don’t pick up, there’s dog mess.”

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The council has the power to introduce a dog control order preventing dogs being let off leads, and will consider the issue at next week’s Community Focus Scrutiny Committee.

It can also introduce bylaws banning cycling and horse riding, something the society claim is damaging the wood.

Mrs Coupe added: “Cycling is very dangerous in the wood because the paths are so wiggly.

“They’re not supposed to go down there but unless there are four of us in the wood we can’t tackle cyclists because people are very rude.

“We don’t want to cover the wood with notices but a bit of help from the council would not go amiss.”

The report to go before next Tuesday’s meeting states paths in the wood – and nearby Linnet Lane Wood – have been cracked by cyclists and riders. Before any changes are made, the council will embark on a public consultation to gather views on what should be done.

The meeting takes at 6.15pm in St Annes Town Hall.