VIDEO: Tiny dancers step out in style

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Hundreds of school children put on their dancing shoes and toe-tapped their way to school to keep healthy.

Pupils and teachers from Layton Primary School in Meyler Avenue, took part in a dance to school event to launch National Walk to School Week.

The event was organised by charity Living Streets and Blackpool Council’sTravel and Road Safety team.

Team Leader Adamene Stubbs said: “We have all the schools in Blackpool taking part in the project which has been co-ordinated by Bernard Kennedy from Living Streets.

“It was lovely to see the children.

“They had all learned a dance which they performed with aplomb.

“We had the mascot Strider there helping to lead the dance and handing out badges to the children who walked and to those who came on bikes or scooters.

“It is about keeping the children healthy and active to counter obesity. There are so many benefits to walking to school, from the traffic perspective, fewer cars mean better traffic flow and there are fewer complaints about bad parking and from residents.

“The national average is 52 per cent of children walk to school at least once a week.

“Here in Blackpool it was 58 per cent, but since this three year project started in 2012 we have got it up to 69 per cent.”




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