Dog attack victim named

POLICE have named a 21-year-old man who died following a dog attack in Blackpool.

Andrew Walker, 21, died on Friday after separating a fight between two "large" alsatians in the back yard of his home on Reads Avenue.

The dogs, which were owned by another man who lived at the address, turned on him when he tried to intervene at around 8pm.

Mr Walker, who was originally from Stoke-on-Trent, had been living in Blackpool for a year.

Insp Simon Atkinson, of Lancashire Police, said: "Both dogs turned on him and launched a sustained attack in which he received numerous puncture bite marks on his upper body."

When the owner came outside he managed to get the dogs under control but contacted paramedics after it became obvious the other man had been badly injured.

Despite the intervention of paramedics he died shortly afterwards.

Insp Atkinson added: "During the course of the attack we believe he may have fallen over several times and possibly banged his head on those occasions.

"Cause of death will be determined after a post mortem is conducted.

"We cannot dismiss that he has died as a consequence of falling in this incident."

The dogs have now been destroyed at the instigation of their owner and an investigation will continue over the weekend.