Do your bit to keep the beaches clean

Readers pics'Summer on Fleetwood Beach''Paul Summers
Readers pics'Summer on Fleetwood Beach''Paul Summers
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Three Wyre beaches have been given national recognition for their cleanliness, and members of the public are being urged to help keep them that way.

Ferry Beach in Fleetwood, plus Rossall Beach and Jubilee Beach in Cleveleys have all been given Seaside Awards for 2014, an honour from Keep Britain Tidy reserved for stretches of sand reaching the highest standards of maintenance, cleanliness and safety.

Wyre Council works with the North West Turning Tides partnership on different projects to improve bathing water, while a number of beach care groups have volunteers who carry out regular clean-ups and valuable shoreline surveys.

However, ordinary beach users can help play their part in keeping the sands clean for all to enjoy.

Michael Ryan, director of People and Places for Wyre Council, said: “While we can’t stop the rubbish that comes in with the tide, simple courtesies such as putting litter in bins and picking up after dogs can make a real difference.

“Feeding birds on the seafront is another no-no, while we encourage businesses nearby to keep their outdoor areas free from food waste.

“The Seaside Awards are something to be proud of because they send out a clear message that visitors will have a safe and enjoyable time.

“The efforts of our volunteers has gone a long way towards getting these awards, so we would like to say a big thank-you to every one of them.”

Meanwhile St Annes beach was not awarded the Seaside Award.

A spokesman for the council said: “The Seaside Award costs £650 to apply for and we are trying to save money at the moment so we did not think it was worth applying.

“There are independent test results out later this year and we will wait for those.

“There is a lot of work going on to improve water quality and there has been for years now. We are also asking members of the public to do their bit by not pouring fat down their sinks and ensuring their drains are properly connected.

“We would also appeal to people who walk their dogs on the beach to help keep it clean.” For more tips on what you can do to keep beaches and our sea water clean visit