Taxi driver’s plea to trace smash car

Daniel Waddell and his damaged taxi. He is holding part of the broken wing mirror from a BMW he says hit his car.

Daniel Waddell and his damaged taxi. He is holding part of the broken wing mirror from a BMW he says hit his car.

A taxi driver has said he is lucky not to be in hospital after a hit and run crash that wrecked his car and left him facing a huge repair bill.

Danny Waddell, who has been driving taxis for 14 years, described the moment an out-of-control car came at him head on while heading along the Promenade to pick up a fare.

The 33-year-old, of Lytham Road, South Shore, swerved to avoid the vehicle, which collided with the side of his blue Ford Mondeo and caused around £1,000 of damage.

He said: “He could have killed somebody, doing that sort of speed – it’s quite a high traffic area.

“A black BMW came round the bend where Club Sanuk is and hit the speed bump at speed.

“If I hadn’t swerved he would have taken me out and I would still be in the hospital. It all happened so fast – my natural reactions just took over.

“It could have ended in catastrophe.”

The collision took place at 1.25 am on January 19 – on Mr Waddell’s second night working as a licensed private hire after paying for the necessary plates.

Damage to the car includes extensive dents to the bodywork and a lost wing mirror.

But without finding out who is responsible, he faces footing the bill for the damage himself or seeing his insurance premiums soar.

He added: “It has ruined my livelihood. I’m being billed a couple of hundred quid a day for the hire car.

“I’ve got his black paint all down the side of my car so there must be a fair bit of damage to the other vehicle.

“I’ve even got the wing mirror that came off his car.”

The police were informed and checked CCTV in the area.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “I confirm this incident has been reported to us.

“We are carrying out inquiries into the incident. I urge anyone with information to call police on 101.”

Driver offers a £100 reward for information

Danny Waddell is determined to track down the car that hit his taxi – and has even put up a £100 reward.

The Premier Taxi driver has been asking local businesses to check their CCTV footage in a bid to find the registration number of the car that hit his vehicle.

And he has even offered to pay the person whose information leads to the other driver being identified.

He said: “The driver has gone straight down the side of my vehicle and then he has just driven off at speed.”

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